3 Music Videos to Get You Moving This Morning

Quick, easy, and shameless, the elements that make up any good countdown list.  I hope to not disappoint after the lack of a post last Friday.    This music is not new, nor is it going to be found on the radio, but it is good for getting the blood moving and starting your day off a little funky!

  1. Beck– Dreams

What hasn’t Beck done at this point in his career?  Bringing a funky-pop sound, Dreams is Beck’s first single off the upcoming 13th album,  two years in the making.  I look forward to seeing what else Beck has to offer with his upcoming album.  Also please give BigWhiteGun a like for the artwork for this video.

2. Glass Animals – Pork Soda 

This bizarre, yet uplifting song about lost connection is dark and inspirational in the same song.  I would not expect anything less from the Glass Animals as this song from their recently released second album How To Be Human teaches us about rekindling lost passion.  Watch the video as it gives you a glimmer into the odd, but intriguing world of the Glass Animals.

3. Griz ft. Cherub – PS GFY 

This will not be the last time you hear of Griz PS GFY is a prime example of why.  Griz never fails to amaze with his versatile range and unique arrangements.  This song has a much stronger Hip-Hop influence, but the vocals along with horns and sticky beat make it a good song to get acquainted with Griz.

Check out these videos and tell me what you think!  Expect more postings about music!


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