My name is Jakob Essig, I go by Jake, I am a Capricorn and my favorite color is green.  A laundry list of my accomplishments and preferences may be in vogue when describing oneself, but you wouldn’t know anything more about me.  Its the equivalent of digital office chatter, white noise in a cacophony of distraction.  Instead, I will share where I come from, what I do and where I am going.


Where I come from, its hard to say. I was born in Florida, but shortly afterwards move to Germany and then to Aurora, CO.  I don’t remember much of this early stage in life other than the fact that Belgians put mayonnaise on French Fries and the salt mines of Salzburg.

As a dependent of an Air Force veteran, I moved around quite a bit more moving to Keflavik, Iceland and Las Vegas, NV.  Finally we made our way back to Colorado where I have lived despite a brief respite to the Pacific Northwest.

How Did I Get Here? Moving around to foreign countries, allowed me unique experiences that helped shape who I am.  A rootless upbringing expanded my mind to the fact that the world is a lot bigger and diverse than one would think at first glance.

As an adult, I would get a taste of just how varied the world can be from one side of town to another.  I spent my late teenage and early twenties bouncing around, working various retail jobs and going to school.  My first taste of reality came in 2010, when I became an Emergency Medical Technician, working on a 911 ambulance across Metro Denver.

Working as a public servant was like being in an alien world.  Patients came from all walks of life, rich and poor, sick and healthy, black and white.  The places you drive by in the bad side of town, the type of places you wonder how it is still in business, were the places I would frequent.  Nursing homes, alley ways, and mansions were normal on my itinerary, I learned a lot about life, including gratitude for what I did have.

It was hard work, I went to school full-time, worked enough overtime to work the equivalent of two years in one.  I also trained new employees, taught classes and CPR, and worked on the hiring board.  Eventually, Air Life Denver contracted me out as a Critical Care Technician my scope of practice expanded, but the job was wearing on me.  Working unnatural amount of hours and time and still not being able to pay the bills despite all I had achieved was quite discouraging, it was time for change.

I finished my Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Marketing at Colorado State University in 2015, I was working at the Douglas County Elections Office as a Polling Site Manager for the coordinated election.  It was a temporary position and despite an extended stay, I was out of a job by January of 2016. During this time I became aware of the growing trend of start-up companies flocking to Colorado.  After a presentation by Built in Colorado I applied for a position as a Business Care Representative.  I quickly moved up to a supervisor position.

Where is This Crazy Life Taking Me?  Writing the last few paragraphs is a cause of reflection. I have been so far, met many different people, and experienced things that most people do not. However, I still have a lot to experience and even more to accomplish.

Currently, I am finishing my Master’s Degree in Software Engineering with specializations in Java and Android Development from Regis University in Denver.  The ability to creatively ALsolve problems and produce innovative products intrigues me.  Computers and the internet provide a place for social interaction, creativity, and business and I want to be part of the emerging trend.

This blog provides me an outlet to connect to like minded people and express myself creatively and professionally. Life is short with amazing things yet to occur.  I am hope to connect with you and share the things in life worth living.  I am excited to share those things and grow with you the reader.

You reading this is an honor to me, I know that is thrown around as a way to pander, but I mean it sincerely.  Time is limited and the fact you took the time to read this means a lot.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns please email, find me on social media, or message.  I am open to new ideas, constructive critism, and collaborations.

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